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MRP in Yosemite Valley

I had a very tough MRP run to complete on my first day in Yosemite Valley.  What made it hard was not only the elevation, but the long commute (and only a few hours of sleep) from Orange County to Camp 4.  Knowing I had one last important run before before taper, I was very anxious to get it out of the way so Ashley and I could start having fun in the mountains.
Before we headed out, Ashley rented a cruiser so she could guide and pace me all around Yosemite Lodge and Curry Village.  We probably picked the hottest and busiest time of day,  but we got the job done without any accidents or name-calling and that’s all that mattered. I felt really tired, so I just focused my eyes on the back of her bike and pushed forward, counting every passing mile in my head.  I felt bad in certain spots and very blessed in others, especially when I reminded myself of where I was and the beauty that was literally all around me.
Following our little excursion, we were so parched and hot and headed back to Curry Village for a fountain drink and quick shower before getting to our tent and passing out around 7:30. Geez,  we were tired…

Pic of the Day: North Dome



















Starting from Camp 4 in Yosemite Valley while still dark, Ash and I headed out for an out and back hike to Upper Yosemite Falls. Reaching the falls (pretty dry out, low water), we decided to continue up to North Dome.  Pretty tough hike but reaching the top at 7300′ elevation and very close views of Half Dome to our East, we found ourselves in our happy place. Total trip 18.6 miles and  approximately 5,500′ of elevation gain.


Pic of the Day: Hello Yosemite!


Pic of the Day: Snap Out of It!

Circles of life.  Yosemite National Park - 2011

Circles of life. Yosemite National Park – 2011

I love this pic, I really do, but when I look at it, I get a little stressed out. Kind of how I have been feeling lately, can’t really explain it but I am all over the place and I cannot focus on one single area!

I think I can pinpoint a few culprits but I am sure there are more. For one, I really miss D and that always weighs heavily on my heart and mind. For two, I feel like I am coming down from some sort of high after my last race and after following WS100 and I need a fix! If you’ve run a race, then you can probably relate to that  feeling of happiness (even through exhaustion) and then all of a sudden, it is over and gone. Same thing following WS100, I was so excited for the finishers, heartbroken for the dnf’rs and inspired by all the participants and volunteers (crew/pacers), and then it was over and I am like, “now what?”  I can’t (shouldn’t) register for another race before my marathon in August, and today, for example, I had already finished my run early in the morning and I couldn’t (shouldn’t) go out for another run just because.

Curious to see how I am feeling tomorrow and really hoping I get back to my normal self.