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Cuyamaca 100K Race Recap

First 100k! 11:42:59 – Second Female, 10th Overall

Cuyamaca 100k in the books and I am relieved to put it behind me because I had a lot doubts since I had been a major slacker lately, running once, maybe twice a week for the longest time. I was however confident with my knowledge of the course, having completed the entire course between two previous training runs and I knew what to expect. The whole course consisted of three separate loops, all returning us to the start area with a total elevation gain of 10,900. The first loop was around 30.5 miles and took us up to the top of Cuyamaca peak before heading back down to camp. I found this to be my favorite loop even though I had previously thought it would be the worse based on the peak climb from my training run. I had decided before the race that I would not use my Garmin until I got to the last loop since it would probably die early in the race and because I did not want to know my pace/time/distance so that I could just run by feel. (more…)

Hitting THAT Wall – Cuyamaca 50K Training Run

We did it!

Today was an extraordinary day for me, running over 30 miles in what I think was extreme heat! Ashley and I headed out super early down to Cuyamaca to get in a 50K training run organized by the race director of the Cuyamaca 100K. I was so excited and nervous for this day since I had never run this far before.

We were really surprised to see how many runners showed up for this training run (36 in total). I guess like us, they also thought it would be a great way to log in needed mileage with others to make the run feel a little easier, and of course, a great way to get to know the course we would all soon be racing.

By 6:20 am, we were off on the course. This particular training run consisted of loops two and three (we had missed the first loop training run previously) which basically allowed us to regroup near the start. (more…)