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Pic of the Day: Snap Out of It!

Circles of life.  Yosemite National Park - 2011

Circles of life. Yosemite National Park – 2011

I love this pic, I really do, but when I look at it, I get a little stressed out. Kind of how I have been feeling lately, can’t really explain it but I am all over the place and I cannot focus on one single area!

I think I can pinpoint a few culprits but I am sure there are more. For one, I really miss D and that always weighs heavily on my heart and mind. For two, I feel like I am coming down from some sort of high after my last race and after following WS100 and I need a fix! If you’ve run a race, then you can probably relate to that  feeling of happiness (even through exhaustion) and then all of a sudden, it is over and gone. Same thing following WS100, I was so excited for the finishers, heartbroken for the dnf’rs and inspired by all the participants and volunteers (crew/pacers), and then it was over and I am like, “now what?”  I can’t (shouldn’t) register for another race before my marathon in August, and today, for example, I had already finished my run early in the morning and I couldn’t (shouldn’t) go out for another run just because.

Curious to see how I am feeling tomorrow and really hoping I get back to my normal self.

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