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Pic of the Day: Always Running

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Pic of the Day: Building Mileage

PicsArt_1381374517394Lately I have been feeling pretty motivated to get out of the door and onto the road or trails. Last Friday/Saturday I put in a little more than 30 miles and then yesterday and today, I was just a tad under that number.

A few of us met at Indian Truck Trail yesterday for a night run and made it to Upper Holy Jim and back – I didn’t get home until just before midnight. This morning I had a scheduled 5:40am run at Chino State Park again. Last night’s run was last minute; I wouldn’t typically run back to back runs that close together with little rest. My focus is to always avoid injuries and lack of recovery and little rest definitely won’t help my focus.

The idea of night running is awesome, especially when you are going to have to run through the night in a 100-miler. Although I am hoping I won’t have to go too far into the night at JJ, I thought it was a great experience to run feeling fatigued both mentally and physically since I know that’s what I will soon be experiencing.

During this morning’s adventure, I again experience pitch dark running and had to use my headlamp to light the way. It was so peaceful out, and with the sudden change in weather, the chilly temps, and morning fragrances were really refreshing. I always finish a morning run ready to tackle my day and asking myself why I don’t I head out earlier so I can see the sunrise more often, especially with the landscape of gorgeous mountains.

Anyway, I am much more content right now building mileage than doing some tempo run. Even though the plan is to continue with mid-week speedwork that I did during my recent marathon training schedule, I just don’t want to dive into it just yet. I told my coach that I am not ready and he is OK with that. I hope I will be mentally ready for it again towards the end of the year.

Pic of the Day: The Only Redwoods in Orange County


Nice little patch of redwoods found near Carbon Canyon, a county park. Sure its not some big national park with huge trees, but it will still smile when I pass through. Let’s see how many miles I can put in today…


Pic of the Day: Best Shoes, Best Socks.


Pic of the Day: The Final Countdown

Carbon Canyon Park (North Ridge Trail)

This morning’s run: Carbon Canyon Park (North Ridge Trail).











In only 32 days (1 year later), I will find myself back at THE place that sent me away, perhaps defeated for that day, but with a renewed spirit and soon-to-be best friend.

Going back will be an important milestone – a second chance to finish what I started, and of course, to celebrate one year with someone I absolutely adore and admire.

Having said this, it is ALL focus from here on out until race day. 30-day plank and ab challenge in full effect, daily foam rolling, early morning running, a full night’s sleep (gasp), and finally, putting together the perfect Halloween costume for the contest.  I want this race so badly and I am willing to be on my best behavior until then. I just know it will be worth it.