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Pic of the Day: All Sorts of Glowing

One of my favorite tanks that I made for the ET Midnight Marathon last August.

One of my favorite tanks that I made for the ET Midnight Marathon last August.

Wow, I am all sorts of glowing tonight after my speed workout on the Santa Ana Bikeway: For one, I had a great workout, and for two, I forgot I had this glow-in-the-dark tank on when I went into the garage!

I had been dreading and prolonging this run all day long until I finally had to race the sunset. I think I was dreading both the heat and the mile repeats when at the end, they were both very comfortable. The difference in my speed work now, and when I used to train for marathons is that I am not running my repeats too fast. I don’t really have a desire to go too fast or run track workouts unless I plan on running some 5ks and I don’t. Tonight I logged 8 miles: 2-mile warm-up followed by 3 x 1-mile (with a .25 trot-like recovery), and a 2-mile cool-down. For some reason I kept thinking 6:30 pace would be very difficult but I found myself feeling very comfortable — probably could have done 6 if I had to (thank God I didn’t have to). Splits: 6:32/6:31/6:24

E.T. Full Moon Midnight Marathon 51K Race Recap

The E.T. Full Moon Marathon (51K in my case) did not disappoint this year. Thinking about it, it was also great last year too, well, with the the exception of me dropping out around mile 6 during my half.  The gist of this point-to-point race, and also what makes it really unique, is the midnight start along Extraterrestrial Highway in the dark.  A few hundred runners donning alien inspired costumes, carrying glow sticks and wearing headlamps show up at the Hardrock Hotel in Vegas and get shuttled to the start, more than an hour away to Rachel, NV.   We are dropped off on the pitch-black highway, lit only by the gadgets we bring along, and run straight to the finish which just so happens to be near Area 51 at the A’Le’Inn (Alien Inn). Oh, did I almost forget that we also get glow-in-the-dark medals?!  So cool! (more…)