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Big Sur Marathon 2011 (9-Mile Race)

Big Sur International Marathon 2011 — 9-mile race

I am so happy to say that this is my third week running – hooray! I still can’t believe it. The setback really felt like it took forever!  My first week back was pretty laid back, mostly test runs and by that Sunday, coach let me race the 9 mile run at Big Sur.  It was more like a training run – nothing fast to brag about(Click here for a quick recap). Last week was my second real week back and I got in around 46 miles, pilates and one spin class.  This week I feel much stronger than last and I was exhausting myself just worrying about how much fitness I lost in six weeks. Right now I am just trying to focus on staying healthy and I am not really talking marathons at this point.

I spoke to my coach today and she told me to start thinking of some goals and (short) races so we can get me on track.  I have been very curious how quickly I can run a 5k because right before my injury while training for a marathon, I would have bet that I could run around 18:00 because I was consistently running good tempo and hard track workouts. Now anything in the 19:00 range seems scary.  I know that these short races will also help me improve in the mary so I am willing to do them even though they are way more painful than 26.2.

Besides running, I haven’t been up to much — well except stockpiling new gear. I have a problem, I know. But I am really excited about the two newest purchases which include Oakley sunglasses and little 6oz bottle that I can add to my favorite running belt (click here for my marathon must-haves). I have wanted running glasses forever but I am not a fan of anything masculine on me. As it is, when I am deep in training, I kind of get a complex that I look like a boy. Note: I ALWAYS wear earrings, pink and I never race without my Mac Fluidline eyeliner! Say what you want but I love being a woman… Anyway, I have already wore them in a few of my runs and they are awesome. LOVE them. Problem is that I found out I can buy different colored lenses to switch things up a bit and I really shouldn’t buy anything else.  The belt bottles are really cool because they are small and I don’t like to carry things when I run. Last time I ran with my coach, she wouldn’t let me run with my huge bottle because she said it would mess up my running form and she carried for me (after first pouring out some liquid so it wouldn’t be too heavy). Thanks coach!   I never liked fuel belts because they look really dorky (sorry, they do) and they bounce around a lot.  I think when I add the bottle or two to it, it will look exactly like one but I don’t care anymore.  As long as it works – right?

Anyway, as always, THANK YOU for all the kind words of encouragement!!!!


Love these! You see red in the lenses and I only see pink. 😉 $200

Can’t wait to test these out. $18 for two 60z bottles.

Big Sur bling. Besides the ocean views, I come for the medals!

Me and Goose. He ran the marathon while I went to CVS to buy more shampoo. At least I was there at the finish! Big Sur

Me, Ahsley, Dom and Randy. I saw Randy’s trashbag at mile two on the ground on my way in to the finish! Big Sur

These pictures are showing up more often! This is how I get real sleep – in the car!

David P – This is the third race where we ended up running into each other. He ran fast this day — 3:28 Big Sur Marathon!

I told you. They think it’s funny. So mean. BTW, my next hurt the following week.

Oxy Invitational 2011 – My coach, my inspiration and my motivator. She ran the 5000 in 17:20 but she will run 16:20 or faster in July when it matters!

Oxy Inviational – Eli Rodriguez. Speed demon. He ran 14-something for the 5000. Ouch!

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