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Hitting THAT Wall – Cuyamaca 50K Training Run

We did it!

Today was an extraordinary day for me, running over 30 miles in what I think was extreme heat! Ashley and I headed out super early down to Cuyamaca to get in a 50K training run organized by the race director of the Cuyamaca 100K. I was so excited and nervous for this day since I had never run this far before.

We were really surprised to see how many runners showed up for this training run (36 in total). I guess like us, they also thought it would be a great way to log in needed mileage with others to make the run feel a little easier, and of course, a great way to get to know the course we would all soon be racing.

By 6:20 am, we were off on the course. This particular training run consisted of loops two and three (we had missed the first loop training run previously) which basically allowed us to regroup near the start. (more…)

My new addiction: Trail Running

Mt. Wilson

I can’t believe that every single year I find something new that I love about running.  After coming back from nearly a 10 year break from competing, I fell in love with the marathon distance. Shortly after that, I fell in love with track, which by the way, is something I hated in high school and college.  I knew that I also wanted to get into ultra marathons (anything longer than a marathon) after reaching some short(er) distance goals first.   What I love about ultras is the opportunity to be out in nature, breathing in crisp cool air, rugged and challenging terrain, and of course, not having to worry about getting hit by a car.

A few weeks ago I went to REI and bought a Camelbak and Peanut Butter GU (YUM) because I wanted to start hiking and trail running on the weekend.  It might seem silly but that stupid pack really got me excited and moving in that direction to finally get out there.  My friend Ashley, who also had an infatuation with the marathon had recently switched to running ultras and was hiking nearly every weekend at Mt. Wilson, so I asked if I could join her the next time she was headed out there. Although I had become somewhat familiar with this trail, seeing her check-in every weekend on Yelp and noticing that it took several hours to complete, made me anxious to challenge myself in a new way.  We agreed on the weekend and headed out really early, around 6am, stopping by on our way out. Duh. We were definitely on a mission, and I was glad that Ashley had let me join her. (more…)