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Pic of the Day: The Santa Ana Bikeway

There wasn't much going on tonight on the bike path. Just me and my Garmie.

There wasn’t much going on tonight on the bike path, just me and my Garmie.

As boring as it might seem running up and down the Santa Ana Bikeway/River Trail, I find it very convenient to train on during the week. What I like most about it is the option of running on the dirt trail that is parallel to the paved path that literally goes all the way to Huntington Beach.  I used to do my long 20-milers on this path but now it seems that I typically run here on speed days which are Tues/Thurs, and when I am not in Central Cali. Obviously, speedwork doesn’t allow me to get bored during the run, and if I do, I’m probably not running fast enough.

Tonight on the bikeway, I had one of my longest interval type workouts in a very long time: 6×1-mile. Last week on Tuesday I had to do three repeats and when I finished, I foolishly said, “…probably could have done 6 if I had to.” I guess this is where I should say that I should be careful for what I wish for but then I realized that I only had three the week before because I was coming off of the Marin Ultra Challenge 50 and my coach was probably taking it easy on me.  Anyway, like usual, I waste a lot of my day worrying or dreading a workout that ends up being a great run and today was no different. I warmed up for a little over a mile and then continued into my mile repeats, jogging about  a quarter mile in between each before cooling down and snapping pics for this post.

Definitely nothing to brag about, just nice to see that I still have a little speed in my legs since running these longer races and I am starting to get excited for my upcoming marathon next month.

Splits: 6:30/6:25/6:26/6:26:6:27/6:21
Garmin data here

Pic of the Day: Heroes

Camera 360

Yesterday was a wonderful day out on the AC100 course with Ashley, Brian and Balmore. The three of them have been putting countless hours in on the race course and I was finally able to join in on the fun! On our way through Chilao, I came across a memorial monument and snapped this photo that reads:


Today, we have heroes battling the Chariot fire in Mt. Laguna that has already destroyed several structures including Al Bahr Shrine Camp, the start and finish of the San Diego 100 Mile Endurance Run, with the potential of burning thousands of acres throughout the Cleveland National Forest in that area. I am very grateful for their hard work and heroic efforts to protect us and our beautiful land.

Pic of the Day: Los Pinos 50 Training Run #3











Another weekend, another Los Pinos training run logged on the Garmin. Today was a great day to do some more course exploring with milder temps and new running faces. Feeling a little nervous about my tight calf, I decided to run only the first 12 miles of the course from Blue Jay to Lazy W instead of continuing up through Los Pinos for 25 miles.  I really liked exploring this portion of the course because I always wanted to know where I’d end up if I’d continue heading straight on San Juan Trail instead  of swinging left onto Chiquito Trail on my way to the Candy Store (Loop).  Looking forward to getting back out there again  within the next couple of weeks. Huge thanks to the RD who left us a car full of refreshments and the key so we could get back to our cars when we finished. Good day.

Pic of the Day: FRIENDS & FIREWORKS at 5,669′

PicsArt_1373088592849A group of us spent our Fourth of July hiking to the top of Mt. Wilson in order to catch fireworks shows from Long Beach to the Rose Bowl. It was a challenging climb to the top, 2:39 hours with ~4,600 ft of gain in a little over 7 miles, heavy backpacks filled with Scooby snacks and beverages, all while racing the sunset. We get to the top and are confronted by a ranger who asked if we had hiked to the top. Once he found out we did, he said something along the lines of, “Well, then you deserve the best view for the show.” and he didn’t make us leave.  For a “free” fireworks display, we sure had to “work”  hard for it, PHEW!

A couple of highlights of the evening were the Rose Bowl Fireworks which were the easiest to see, a beautiful baby rattler sighting, and meeting a young guy (who was also) hiking in the same direction wearing full fireman gear as he prepared for the academy next month.  I had seen him preparing for this hike at the base of the trail and I approached him to see what was going on because we weren’t sure why there would be a firefighter about to tackle the trails (heat, Fourth of July fireworks, forest fires — oh no!). After he told me he was training, I brought up the Prescott tragedy and he told me that he had lost a friend, one of the hotshots named Kevin Woyjeck from Seal Beach.  That was a sad thing to hear and I had yet another reason to be thankful on this special day.

As the fireworks died down, we turned on our headlamps and headed back down and were exhausted when we got back to our cars. Obviously the fireworks weren’t very BIG since we were so high up, but it was still a fun-filled night with great friends, great views and great stories to retell later.

Pic of the Day: All Sorts of Glowing

One of my favorite tanks that I made for the ET Midnight Marathon last August.

One of my favorite tanks that I made for the ET Midnight Marathon last August.

Wow, I am all sorts of glowing tonight after my speed workout on the Santa Ana Bikeway: For one, I had a great workout, and for two, I forgot I had this glow-in-the-dark tank on when I went into the garage!

I had been dreading and prolonging this run all day long until I finally had to race the sunset. I think I was dreading both the heat and the mile repeats when at the end, they were both very comfortable. The difference in my speed work now, and when I used to train for marathons is that I am not running my repeats too fast. I don’t really have a desire to go too fast or run track workouts unless I plan on running some 5ks and I don’t. Tonight I logged 8 miles: 2-mile warm-up followed by 3 x 1-mile (with a .25 trot-like recovery), and a 2-mile cool-down. For some reason I kept thinking 6:30 pace would be very difficult but I found myself feeling very comfortable — probably could have done 6 if I had to (thank God I didn’t have to). Splits: 6:32/6:31/6:24