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Pic of the Day: His/Her Shoes

Eye candy.

Eye candy. Noticeably absent are my flip flops which I have sworn off since falling in love with my Lunas.

Pic of the Day: The Significance of a Green, Ugly Shirt.

2013-06-17 07.55.56Today for some weird reason, I was feeling all matchy-matchy and had to find a running outfit for my new green Injinjis that I got at SD100. Coincidentally I had just pulled this green Labor of Love Marathon tee back out of my donation box last week, figuring I would eventually find something to wear with it. Well, TA-DA! I am joking in a serious-kind-of-way. 

So this shirt, it really means a lot to me, especially now looking back, but for three years I never really wanted to wear it, partly because of it’s colors; the olive green part, just doesn’t really look good with any other colored running bottoms (go ahead, roll your eyes). Finally I pulled it off the hanger and put it in my donation box.  I never could actually drop if off at The Salvation Army and that is when I decided I would somehow make use of it.

I got this shirt from the first and only W (win) for a marathon and during that whole 12 marathons/12 months thing I was trying to do. It was hard finding a race EVERY month that didn’t require tons of traveling and this was the only one that worked for me. Back then, when I thought a mole hill was a mountain during a run, I was not happy about running this; during the race I thought I was going to die on the uphills and I was VERY annoyed that I had to walk up part of a hill on my way back in to the finish. I am not joking. I crossed that line, and thought the race sucked, thought my time sucked (no PR — boo hoo) and I was doubtful I would ever go back to that “hilly” course.

Looking back now, I realize that the W wasn’t all that significant, it was hearing Michael, now known as “Uncle Mike” yell my name and cheer me on as we crossed paths on my way to the finish (he was running the 100-mile I believe, and it was the first time I met him outside of dailymile posts), and the fact that I was so wrong about the course and my attitude about only “racing” and not necessarily appreciating the beauty of any run, hilly or flat.

Read all about my 2010 Labor of Love Marathon here.


Pic of the Day: Los Pinos 50k Training Run

Los Pinos 50k Training Run

Gorgeous views for all as we headed up to Los Pinos Peak from Lazy W Ranch. Approximately 11.75 miles from the Ranch to Blue Jay Campground finish line. Starting at Lazy W, around 12 miles into the race to about the Main Divide is where it gets brutal — 8 miles uphill with limited aid station access.