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Boston Marathon 2011 – Been There, Done That (Kinda)

My Boston race experience was not what I expected and it went something like this:

Start. Run for 40 minutes. Walk. Walk. Walk. Walk. *Smile* (camera). Bar stop. Walk. Walk. Run (there’s another camera). Walk. *Kiss* (Wellesley) Walk. *Smile* (camera). Walk. Walk. Walk. *complain* Walk. Walk some more and finally, FINISH! (more…)

Boston Bound

Boston is literally just around the corner and I just decided last week that I would suck up all my anger and frustration and just go and enjoy my time there without running. This was a hard decision but like everything in life, time makes you less sensitive and eventually you realize that whatever you are going through will not last forever. So there.
I had recently asked all you if you thought I could still wear all the Boston gear I bought without actually racing and the overall consensus was “YES.”  I qualified to run it and I deserve to wear it proudly. I dare you to say something mean. 😉 I loved reading everyone’s opinions and it was obvious that we are all very passionate about that opinion too. I finally decided that I would return all the stuff (jacket and two pair of shorts) I purchased since I ordered them online through adidas.com.  When I went to grab the stuff to package, I realized I ripped off the tag of one pair of shorts so I guess I am keeping those – I must have been excited when I tried them on or something. 🙂 I think I made the right decision – I will have an extra $100 in my account PLUS I am going to get a long sleeve race shirt when I pick up my bib anyway. That turned out well.

Now that I know I am not running and no longer have to worry about “resting” before the race, mind has shifted to all the things I want to do while in Boston. Besides visiting my long lost cousin for a few days, I want to be a tourist and have been accumulating a long list of things to do. I am just starting to put the list together and I would love to get your suggestions!  I will be flying out on Friday morning and returning Tuesday night.

Now it’s time for me to pack. I hate packing more than anything else. I don’t know why but I think I don’t like having to commit to what I am gonna wear. I like to have all the options in my closet available and that can’t happen – at least not with all these increased bag-check rates. Today I bought my very first suitcase simply because I hate packing and usually just toss stuff into duffle bags and head out. Nothing too expensive and I think it is bright enough to immediately recognize when coming around the conveyor belt.  Right?

How old am I again? Oh, yeah...13!

Also, I am trading my LA Marathon racing shirt to a fellow DM’r (Michael P.) from Singapore. He is swapping me for a racing singlet – really excited to get this singlet and glad to get rid of that dreadful race shirt! Michael – I will ship it out tomorrow!

Anyway, I have so many things and have to get offline soon. I am so excited for everyone that is racing on Monday and look forward to hearing everyone’s stories. I am sure I will have my own to tell and can’t wait to get there.

Still no running and other stuff

My longest run since LA Marathon. 😦

I’m back! Ha – back to blogging, not running. Here is a quick update to my current non-running situation:  Rest. Rest. And more rest. That is about all I am doing in the running department.  Believe it or not, I feel great when I am not running – no aches, no pains. It is when I try to run again or after therapy that I am sore for a few days after.  Last doctors appointment I just tried to get to the bottom of this issue and discussed this in length with my doctor. I told him that I can put all these races and non-running days behind me but I need a reason and I need to know I am going to be OK. Not knowing is driving me nuts. I mean, I thought I would have been running by now but I can’t. I tried running last week (see purple watch photo) and got in nearly 2 minutes in before I called it a day. Nothing too painful but just not ready to go on.  I brought up the MRI and he said that it won’t really help to get an MRI because of where I am having issues and that it won’t really show anything. He did suggest an x-ray which I actually forgot about until now. *eep*  At the end of the day he told me NOT to worry, I am improving a lot but I need more rest. My injury is more severe than we had anticipated and of course LA didn’t help.  My left sacroiliac joint is jammed and my pelvis is not moving well.  For the first time in weeks I was able to hear a popping noise in that area while stretching – the good popping, don’t worry.  I felt a lot of relief with that little noise believe it or not.  All in all I am trying to stay healthy and not planning any races just yet. One thing at a time right?

During this down time I have been occupying my time with pilates at Yogaworks. I bought a Groupon and I am really enjoying it. I go only twice a week so far but this week I am going to step on the gas a little and do more cardio so I don’t feel like I am running out of gas!  I have also gone to the gym and have lifted some (light) weights along with some minor cardio. None of these things seem to bother my condition and doc said I can continue to do anything as long as it doesn’t cause pain.  The other day at the gym I was kind of surprised to see all my muscles I was when I was lifting weights – I haven’t been to the gym in such a long time but all this running really toned my arms, quads and even abs. I got sad for a second when I thought that all my hard work was about to go down the drain from this little break but then I got over it really fast the next time I was at pilates and my abs were burning from all those abs exercises.  I realized that I had started getting into yoga a while back and then backed off for some reason – I probably ran out of time or something but now I am liking it again and hope to continue in this direction.  I picked up these cute seamless bras and shorts perfect for yoga/pilates — very comfortable. I realized I didn’t really have any workout gear besides running and I had bought one bra before and really loved it. Super comfy and really cute – only $10-15 depending on style.

I don't recognize the brand (Idea USA) but super cute and comfy.

Anyway, about to head out soon – going to take my first ballet lesson every with Jen L. I am really excited. I always wanted to take classes when I was very young but I wasn’t allowed to.  This should be pretty funny and I will ask her to record a portion of it for giggles.  And now I have an excuse to wear legwarmers! YES!

Thanks for all your nice messages and words of encouragement and please run some miles for me too!


It took me forever to extract this Clif box from my mailbox. Sheesh!

A Two-Week Vacation Can't Hurt Anyone

I am taking two weeks completely off with zero running. It’s the only right thing to do right now. Taking baby running steps is only taking me back a few more and getting me nowhere. Boston is for the most part not happening unless miraculously something happens and changes in the other direction.

Coach and I discussed this and decided to put it out of my mind and not attempt to make it up (right away) by running a different so soon. Step one is to get better and the next step is setting shorter-termed goals with shorter distances.

Boston is not completely out of my mind though and I didn’t tell my coach this.  Boston is a dream we all have as marathoners. I realized that I will hate every moment running Boston if I am not going to run it fast. Maybe you don’t agree but I will never forget the moment during LA when I stopped and how I felt as the slower pace groups passed me.  I wasn’t tired at all – I was trapped in this injured body and couldn’t do anything to change that. Heartbreaking.  I can’t imagine running Boston just to finish and still crack a smile and enjoy the amazing experience of being there. Everyone is telling me how positive I am – I don’t feel that way all the time. I have these up and down bouts of emotion that are driving me crazy. Like super crazy.  I will run Boston if I think it is safe and I am not injured…it is the only way.  So if I do, I do, and if I don’t then I don’t. It is not the end of the world (although it feels like it in some weird way).  I can always cancel my hotel, get a credit for my Virgin Airlines flight, sell my Redsox tix and sell or trade all the Boston gear that I already bought if necessary. That last part is funny and I will never buy race branded gear before I get to that starting line!  So if you are running Boston and I don’t, I have some nice Boston gear in a size small that I am willing to barter with. J

Anyway, for now get better. Then train for 5ks and 10ks. Get some PRs and then do some half marys. My next marathon will be in November. Well, I hope that I will be able to run a marathon in November. I am starting to learn that with marathons whether training for them or during the races themselves, are so unpredictable – anything can happen.

Sometimes I actually do think a little clearly during this whole fiasco and I do think that increasing those shorter distances will only improve my marathon time and maybe that is what I should have done first. Don’t know but I am up for it.  Don’t tell me I told you so. I am constantly beating myself up as it is trying to figure out what happened.

What the heck is it?

I am not gonna lie. I am so frustrated. I am in soooo much pain.  Something happened to me, don’t know when, don’t know how.  Seems like I might have a slipped disc or an issue with my sciatic. Not sure if that is good news compared to thinking I had some problem with my butt.  Whatever it is, it is one of the most painful things I have experienced!  Thankfully, I am started to feel better today – still in a lot of pain but walking with less of a limp.

Following the race on Sunday, I went back to the doctor (chiro) on Tuesday for some more adjustments and a lot of prodding to figure out where and the heck I really hurt. Oddly enough, I can’t quite pinpoint it.  We did some pretty intensive Active Release treatment, Class-4 Laser and Ultrasound and that left me quite exhausted.  The only real information I left with was to rest for a week.

In speaking to my coach I told her what was going on in my mind. For the most part, and in truth, I am ready to deal with the fact that I might or might not run Boston. Do I really, really care? No, not really.  I want this sub-3 and if Boston will delay that then I’d rather wait.  Our hopes are high, I am resting/recovering, trying not to eat the whole refrigerator and enjoy some long deserved time off.  More than anything I am frustrated. For one, I listened, learned and was patient and yet this had to happen right around showtime.  Right now I am not talking Boston, I am going no matter what, but I don’t want to talk about it too much and consume my mind with what-ifs.  Deep down though, I want it.

Anyway, enough about running. It is definitely not my life (although it does make it a little funner)! 😉

So, I moved about a month ago to a new place and I haven’t really had time to settle into my new space. Yesterday I unpacked one of the last two boxes and I started thinking about my next project. I simply cannot not do anything, I have to keep busy and I have to have a plan or I will go crazy. Something to work on I know…  This past weekend I told my boyfriend that I wanted to refresh my Spanish speaking skills. I have a lot of friends that speak a lot of Spanish and I think it would be nice to converse with them in a language that I love and lost while studying Hebrew.  Now when I speak Spanish, I accidentally say certain things in Hebrew – all in the same sentence!  My friends are probably thinking, “That is not Spanish, what the heck is she saying!”  I don’t bother to mention it is another language…I probably should so they won’t think my Spanish is super horrible. HAHA. I am not fluent in Hebrew though – I know about 500-700 Hebrew words and phrases and my accent is pretty incredible.  One day I hope to know several languages, I find them so interesting. Anyway, I look forward to this – it’s also an excuse to bust out my note cards, markers, pens, and notebooks. I love all that stuff.

Besides that, I am going to continue to work on the running group logo/website and of course some sort of craft project.  I will keep you posted…I KNOW you are so interested in that. JK

Tuesday's surprise at Trader Joe's -- KUMQUATS! Yummmmm

Strawberries the size of my (man)hands! Score!

Not exactly Fun Dip and not too fun but this Israeli brand was way cute. Someone brought this to my office today in hopes to cheer me up.