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Looking Back to Push Ahead

I look back at 2009 with a feeling of growth — personally, spiritually, physically and professionally.  I know that running has contributed significantly to all these areas, making me a better me to both myself and others.

It was when I decided to take my training up a notch, and not settle for that same boring loop at Balboa Park day after day, year after year, that I immediately accrued all kinds of plans and goals.  Before I knew it, the year was over, I was happy and truly loving all the people in my life.  I even managed to get in two half’s and ultimately, my only real running goal, California International Marathon (CIM).

All the hype surrounding that marathon – the training programs, new friends, PR’s…EVERYTHING, gave me the courage and motivation to push myself further to run 12 marathons in 2010.  At that point, I couldn’t want it more and I knew I might regret verbally expressing that goal to others without thinking it through, but I didn’t care. I felt invincible. That’s what the marathon does to you (or to me), and I loved it, and now I need it.

So here I am.  I know my goal is achievable — it won’t be a “run” in the park, I’ll have to race according to how I feel, avoid injuries and most importantly, I will have to keep my ego in check. Not the ego you may be thinking of, I am talking about the ego that tells me to run faster when I know I shouldn’t, or the ego that keeps reminding me that I shouldn’t do such a thing if it’s going to prevent me from going after a PR.  I have to remember that at the end of the day, this is my goal, my race, the only one I am competing against is me.

2010 is going to be amazing and I can’t wait to share my experiences with you.

IT hurts

This morning’s run in Santa Monica with the LA Roadrunners was a little shorter than I expected. I am not 100% recovered from CIM, so I ran 12 of the 16 miles with Group 2 before catching up with Janel R. (see photo below) for a post-run ocean soak. I started feeling tightness around my right IT band around mile 9 (at my knee) so it was a good idea to come in early and ice my legs.

11.46 miles 1:35 8:17 pace

We heart seaweed.