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Pic(s) of the Day: Running Out of Trails

Why does this hill look so flat?

Why does this hill look so flat?

I spent two days running and exploring Carbon Canyon Park and Chino Hills State Park and I am pooped. Coach wants me to stay on terrain that is similar to my upcoming 100-miler. I think he also is concerned about me crashing down some steep mountain before my big race. I agree with him on this one – no need for me to run lots of elevation and in regards to keeping me “upright,” I do trip quite often and shouldn’t chance it.

Yesterday I put in about 12 miles and today, while I was supposed to run 22, I was only able to finish 18.5. It was a crappy day to run in Orange County with the Santa Ana Winds blowing like crazy, dust everywhere, plus, I had to sneak in the park (closed due to wind?) and I ran out of trails and didn’t feel like exploring other nearby areas.

Looking forward to my workout tomorrow and hopefully a meeting with my friend Josh – we are going to start a “Workout of the Week” type program that I will post here on my blog/Pinterest/FB. I am about 1/3 of the way done with my 30-day Plank Challenge and I am finding myself enjoying it. I am hoping the “Workout of the Week” will help motivate others and encourage them to participate as well.

OK, it’s off to planking – it was a joke at first starting out with :20, but tonight I have to go for 1:30 which is a whole :30 jump from yesterday. I will be super stoked when I am able to plank for the whole 5:00, it will be a new record for me. I am also enjoying the sore abs part too – makes me feel like I am doing something right. 🙂

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