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Miley Is Making All This Much Easier

I hate hearing/reading anything about Miley Cyrus (or any other troubled starlet – for that matter), but I let my curiosity get the best of me and I found myself Googling her “Wrecking Ball” video in hopes to understand her recent over-the-top behaviors.

What I found was that I actually liked the song, not the wrecking ball-humping or hammer-licking stunts, but I genuinely felt her pain and could almost imagine what it would feel like to lose someone I loved so dearly. Let me be clear about this, I am not talking about any past/present/future relationships, I am just trying to say that I could feel her pain, if in fact there is pain to feel at all – this is Hollywood after all.

Anyway, the point here is that after watching the video, I went straight to the iTunes store and purchased the single since I am desperate for a fresh, new, and motivating playlists for my tough runs and for races.  For months now I have had the same songs playing over and I find myself distracted, tripping at times while I try to skip over songs that I now despise during my run.  Mumford and Sons used to get me going and running quickly but now I get this dreaded feeling when I hear them – time for new stuff!

I noticed today that I had a little pep in my step when her song came on and I even repeated it a few times. I came home from my run and pre-ordered her CD and got to hear her other song that is available called “Bangerz” which I also liked. If you enjoy running to music then I am sure you can understand why it is important to pounce on songs or artists that motivate you and get you through your workout/race. Right now, regardless if she is a horrible artist or not, she is helping me so that is enough for me to support her music.

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