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Tomorrow’s the Day






Camera 360

My last run before the race was with Brian O. at the park. We tried this lame 5K course and got lost. IDK, maybe we were lame!









Yep, tomorrow is a big day for me as I am running my first marathon since May 2010!  I am not really sure how I feel, it has felt like a countdown for centuries already and I just can’t wait to cross that finish line and that could be both a good and  bad thing, I guess.

My only focus and plan tomorrow is to be patient and to run my own race. My coach Andy and I have discussed this a few times and we decided that since my target is a timed goal, I can’t care who is in front of me and I can’t get caught running too fast by running someone else’s pace.

I am ready and I am ready to go out there and do my best.

The best part about this experience is that even though I spent 90% of my runs alone, my coach has been by my side throughout this entire training program and I am so lucky to have him!  Big thanks to Ashley and Balmore for coming up with me tomorrow — I owe you big time!

Click here to read my last marathon race report – pretty intense.



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  1. Trace, run confident! All of the trail running, ultras, etc. has only helped to strengthen you. You’re going to do great out there! Hope to see you along the course!

    September 8, 2013 at 4:01 am

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