A blog about Trace and her races.

Pic of the Day: Woodward Park


In high school, our cross country team traveled to Woodward Park at least three times a year for races including the Clovis Invitational and a few more that led up to the CIF State XC Championships. Almost every reflection of my high school XC seasons includes a glimpse of Woodward just because so many achievments and memories were made there.
Like many things in my past, XC and Woodward Park were just memories, surely I wouldn’t find myself there again, or so I thought.
Nearly 16 years later I find myself out on my old stomping ground and it is exactly as I remember it, well, except it’s a little drier and hotter this time of year. Like The Santa Ana Bikeway, sometimes it can get a little repetitive and boring, but in a way I find a lot of peace within myself coming back because back then even though I didn’t think I’d ever be running on that course again, I knew I’d still be running (somewhere).

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