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Pic of the Day: Los Pinos 50 Training Run #3











Another weekend, another Los Pinos training run logged on the Garmin. Today was a great day to do some more course exploring with milder temps and new running faces. Feeling a little nervous about my tight calf, I decided to run only the first 12 miles of the course from Blue Jay to Lazy W instead of continuing up through Los Pinos for 25 miles.  I really liked exploring this portion of the course because I always wanted to know where I’d end up if I’d continue heading straight on San Juan Trail instead  of swinging left onto Chiquito Trail on my way to the Candy Store (Loop).  Looking forward to getting back out there again  within the next couple of weeks. Huge thanks to the RD who left us a car full of refreshments and the key so we could get back to our cars when we finished. Good day.

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