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My Next Long Training Run: San Juan 50k

I am starting to get restless.  My last race was Avalon and that was in January.  I originally planned on running Ray Miller 50 three weeks after Avalon but I just didn’t feel like it was the right thing to do. My body felt pretty beat up and then my knee felt sore.  Instead of forcing a race into my schedule, Andy Noise suggested that I plan on Leona Divide, a 50-miler at the end of April instead. This would give me ample time to train and get my head back in racing mode.

Since then, I have been following Andy’s weekly training schedule as much as I can, swapping my weekday runs mostly with elliptical hours and doing my best to get in my long runs on the weekend. This swap was mostly due to that knee thing I was referring to earlier. Luckily I am feeling much, much better.  Thank God. Thank you Andy.

Although I am feeling better and have had some pretty decent weekend runs in lately, I feel like I need to run a race before Leona.  I need that confidence booster to assure myself that I can do it. I mean, know that I can do it, but I want to go into the race confidently. I need that assurance that no one else can give me.  I am going to run Baz’s San Juan 50k this coming weekend. Nothing crazy, just a 50k to get into that needed mindset.  I am calling it a long training run. Just gonna listen to my body and run.  I know everything will work out, it always does.

Cleveland National Forest from Blue Jay Campground -- I cannot wait to get back out there!

Cleveland National Forest from Blue Jay Campground — I cannot wait to get back out there this weekend!

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  1. Sounds like a good plan getting a ‘shorter’ (50k is so long sounding to me still!) race in before the 50 miler. Also sounds like it was a smart thing to listen to your friend. You’re body will thank you for making the right decisions! Enjoy the 50k training run, and continue kicking butt!

    March 11, 2013 at 1:49 pm

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