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One Race At a Time

It’s been a couple of weeks since Javelina Jundred and I could still sit here with you and talk about it for hours if you’d let me. The whole experience was special and my heart is still fluttering with excitement and appreciation knowing that I will be able to get back out there and try again.

Sometimes I do question whether or not I could have continued on those last 9 miles but then I realize that a lot of time has passed since then and some of those dreadful moments are less vivid now including my feet which have pretty much healed up (except the loss of a toenail or two).  I have to remind myself that I did everything I thought I could do out there that day and then I move on. Over it.

Here with Javier P. at Wilson about to head down the Manzanita Trail.

I was able to spend the first week after the race working on personal projects and goals instead of running and I completely backed off after a 10 mile run/hike on part of the Chimera course with Ashley (my hip flexors weren’t having any of it).  I figured a few more days of rest would do nothing but help me recover more appropriately.  Finally during the second week I was able to get in a decent workout up to Mt. Wilson and felt confident enough for the coming weekend where I was able to get in three consecutive days of running and hiking, one of which would be a 12-mile trek up to Kaiser Peak and back in the snow!

I did seem to develop an issue from all this excitement and that just so happens to be that I want to sign up for every damn race that is out there on Ultra Signup.  It’s one of those things you experience immediately after a race, you know, where you say you are never racing that particular race distance again and then you find yourself stuck on the computer Monday just trying to find your next torturous adventure.  The only difference now is that I shouldn’t stuff so many on my schedule if I am going to care about my performance. I will.

I finally realized that committing to Chimera so close to Javelina was a bad idea and I was able to transfer my bib to someone else and I will instead pace Ash the last 40 miles of the course. 🙂  I also decided that my next race, not training run, will be the Avalon Benefit 50 Mile Run in early January.  Finally, an ultra that I will train for.  It’s time to focus again, set a goal and try to reach it. Not really comfortable sharing the exact details of my goal but I can say that I will finish this race and NOT leave with any shoulda coulda wouldas. There are so many other races that I want to do next year too but I have to get through this one before I finalize anything else. Really excited for this race — great race, lot’s of friends running it and an excuse to get out of town for the weekend.  Fingers crossed training goes well…

Trails for days…frostbite for weeks. Kaiser Peak

Heading back down from Kaiser Peak at ~10,300 ft elevation. This was a great day.

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