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Magic Shoe 5K — a weekend of fun!

Team Mosqueda - 2nd Place

Another week down in the books – Week #3! Finished this week up with a 5K race in Corona del Mar. The race wasn’t a real race for me – a good training run to get an idea of my fitness and to test my hip since my injury. My coach mentioned this race and I was excited to register and got our group of women (including coach) to register not only as individuals, as a team. I get excited over things like that and I always like running with people I know so it sounded like a good plan. As for myself, I didn’t have any great plans or expectations…just run. The plan was to run 6:20 pace and if I am feeling up to it, pick it up. Nothing too special to report, I felt great and ran a 19:12 (6:11 pace). The only thing that did bother me and always bothers me are my heavy arms. They feel like lead during most and I need to figure something out because it is really annoying! Overall a great day for all – coach came in to finish first (W) running a 17:32 and we finished second overall as a team. NEXT TIME!

Vendors were trying to get rid of all their stuff before they left the event. I was more than happy to take all these. Talk about money in my pocket! 😉

After running a 5K, I had to get some new shoes for these shorter events. So cute AND pink!

Love these! Only $60

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  1. Friendy McFrienderson

    Great blog entry Trace!

    May 23, 2011 at 1:03 pm

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