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Still no running and other stuff

My longest run since LA Marathon. 😦

I’m back! Ha – back to blogging, not running. Here is a quick update to my current non-running situation:  Rest. Rest. And more rest. That is about all I am doing in the running department.  Believe it or not, I feel great when I am not running – no aches, no pains. It is when I try to run again or after therapy that I am sore for a few days after.  Last doctors appointment I just tried to get to the bottom of this issue and discussed this in length with my doctor. I told him that I can put all these races and non-running days behind me but I need a reason and I need to know I am going to be OK. Not knowing is driving me nuts. I mean, I thought I would have been running by now but I can’t. I tried running last week (see purple watch photo) and got in nearly 2 minutes in before I called it a day. Nothing too painful but just not ready to go on.  I brought up the MRI and he said that it won’t really help to get an MRI because of where I am having issues and that it won’t really show anything. He did suggest an x-ray which I actually forgot about until now. *eep*  At the end of the day he told me NOT to worry, I am improving a lot but I need more rest. My injury is more severe than we had anticipated and of course LA didn’t help.  My left sacroiliac joint is jammed and my pelvis is not moving well.  For the first time in weeks I was able to hear a popping noise in that area while stretching – the good popping, don’t worry.  I felt a lot of relief with that little noise believe it or not.  All in all I am trying to stay healthy and not planning any races just yet. One thing at a time right?

During this down time I have been occupying my time with pilates at Yogaworks. I bought a Groupon and I am really enjoying it. I go only twice a week so far but this week I am going to step on the gas a little and do more cardio so I don’t feel like I am running out of gas!  I have also gone to the gym and have lifted some (light) weights along with some minor cardio. None of these things seem to bother my condition and doc said I can continue to do anything as long as it doesn’t cause pain.  The other day at the gym I was kind of surprised to see all my muscles I was when I was lifting weights – I haven’t been to the gym in such a long time but all this running really toned my arms, quads and even abs. I got sad for a second when I thought that all my hard work was about to go down the drain from this little break but then I got over it really fast the next time I was at pilates and my abs were burning from all those abs exercises.  I realized that I had started getting into yoga a while back and then backed off for some reason – I probably ran out of time or something but now I am liking it again and hope to continue in this direction.  I picked up these cute seamless bras and shorts perfect for yoga/pilates — very comfortable. I realized I didn’t really have any workout gear besides running and I had bought one bra before and really loved it. Super comfy and really cute – only $10-15 depending on style.

I don't recognize the brand (Idea USA) but super cute and comfy.

Anyway, about to head out soon – going to take my first ballet lesson every with Jen L. I am really excited. I always wanted to take classes when I was very young but I wasn’t allowed to.  This should be pretty funny and I will ask her to record a portion of it for giggles.  And now I have an excuse to wear legwarmers! YES!

Thanks for all your nice messages and words of encouragement and please run some miles for me too!


It took me forever to extract this Clif box from my mailbox. Sheesh!

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  1. Friendy McFrienderson

    Hope that you don’t beat yourself up too much about the non-running. You might not lose any fitness, if you cross train as hard as you train for marathons. Keep your head up, stay positive, and your health will be back in no time!

    April 11, 2011 at 6:32 pm

    • Thanks! You know I am trying to take it easy on myself…I run vicariously through all of you right now and you are making me proud! Crazy fast!

      April 13, 2011 at 10:10 pm

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