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Apparently I am "Zenzational"

I can’t even describe what kind of day I had today. It was so bad on so many levels but at the end of the day I tried and tried to focus on being positive and here I am typing this without stress…YAY

Literally I woke up this morning barely able to walk. My left butt cheek felt like it was being kicked with every step I took. Talk about pain! I started the day knowing I had to chance being seen by my coach’s doctor with such short notice. I already had a back up plan of seeing another doctor if that didn’t come through. I really wanted to go to her coach since he works with a lot of athletes (he is a chiropractor).  It wasn’t until about 2 pm that he got back to me and told me I would have to meet him at his house for treatment.  Once there, he did several test and immediately found that my left foot and ankle were jammed and that the extreme pain I was feeling would need to be treated with with an Active Release massage. My left pelvis (just left to the sacrum) was not very mobile – kind of jammed too. That butt pain could possibly be the sciatic but my I was adjusted and I was also treated with a Class 4 laser and then taped.  I left feeling a little better but I have a lot of confidence in what he did and what he will do again on Sat. when I see him. I also know that I can’t control everything that is going on. Preparing for the best…and doing the least until race day.

Today I could finally get the carbs back in me so I did it at lunch because I was about to keel over with external pain and internal emotional roller coasters. It felt like I could not have one more thing weigh me down without puking, crying or both!  I sat at the table for lunch and I wasn’t hungry at all yet I knew I had to get some food in me so I forced the food down brown rice, breaded and fried salmon with a salad. Not sure if I ever felt down and out of energy from depletion (except during track when I was only able to run two of the 3 x 1 mile splits at 5:52 before deciding against the final one) and I don’t recall feeling the boost. I think all the distractions of pre-race jitters and then the pain completely removed any thoughts about it away from me. If you ask me if it was hard, the answer now would be no – it actually was the easiest part of these 20 weeks!

I have to say that I have so many supporters. I am so lucky!  I guess my jitters were a little too obvious yesterday because someone brought me a gift that looked like it had peaches in it and told me that it was supposed to be a post-race gift but it looked like I needed it much sooner.  It was a gift box from Whole Foods with all kinds of relaxing stuff that I should probably use ASAP.

Apparently I need to relax...just a little.

Oooh-la-la. Fancy.

Anyway, my BF came up to stay with me until the race to help me and I really appreciate and need it!  I am so lucky to be surrounded by all of you who constantly remind me that life gets in the way, running is not everything but yet you do everything to help make that running experience amazing as ever! THANKS AGAIN!

Two full more days of hope…

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  1. Lisa Rini

    I’m with you on the emotional rollarcoaster… I went to an ortho doc yesterday about my sore left lower leg. Could be a fibular stress fracture that is too small to be detected/too early to be detected on xray. Trying to decide whether to have a bone scan done or not. Am going to play it one day at a time…Really sucks..But, you have the right attitude..Must try to stay as positive as possible!!!! 🙂
    Lisa 🙂

    March 18, 2011 at 6:30 am

    • Yikes – no fracture! I don’t know if I’d get a bone scan yet because I would be afraid ofthe results. If you do have a fracture or even if you don’t, try to find a doctor that will use a Class 4 laser on it. I met with a doctor yesterday that healed someone’s foot stress fracture in four weeks — she ran the Empire State race right after and was fine. Can’t wait for Boston and I really hope to meet you finally! XO

      March 18, 2011 at 9:33 am

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