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Reflection: Weeks 6-9 of 20

Wow. Time flies. We all know this and all say this but man, that’s the truth!  I don’t have anything interesting to report since the last three weeks have been a blur with crazy holiday schedules and horrible weather (horrible for California that is) – my training has been anything but steller. 

The funny thing about running is that so much of it is mental. Just when you think you are going to run slow for slacking off, you are able to do amazingly well and run much faster than you thought. I would say that how our body thanks us for rest.  You know how awful you feel during a taper? You feel guilty for slacking and preparing for a race and then everything turns out fine. I am banking on this rest or tapering experience to push me through the next weeks of training in an attempt to stay positive for slacking so much recently.

On another note, this weekend LARR (LA Roadrunners) will be meeting at Dodger Stadium, we will be running 2 loops around the stadium as well as the LA 5K course through Elysian Park. I personally need this “hill training” as I rarely have an opportunity to get any trail running into my schedule. 

Click here to see the 5K course.

Anyway, I hope everyone is great at the start of the new year.  Thank you for all the motivation and encouragement.  A special thank you to the recent messages I received from random individuals who gave training advice and encouragement – all of it is appreciated!

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