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Reflection: Weeks 2-3 of 20

Week 2 started out without a hitch following a strong Sunday run until I pushed it too far during Yin Yoga on Wednesday. This mistake really put a damper on the rest of week’s training and carried all the way through Week 3.  Not really sure what I did, but it is no secret that I am not flexible at all and maybe pulled/irritated my hip (or IT Band).  I focused most of my energy on stretching, icing and taking care of this issue to prevent further injury.

Going into Week 3 I decided I would try Bikram, determined to work on my flexibility core, but quickly realized that Bikram would be great for me if I didn’t have another sport to consider. I loved the class and the difficulty but it was a little too strenuous for me (a runner). I also skipped Tuesday’s track workout, assuming it wouldn’t be the best idea to do a speed workout feeling tight and scared. By mid week I was a complete grouch – moody and emotional without really knowing why.  I guess it could be the change in weather, the upcoming holiday blues or the fact that my period decided to show up again. My hip got progressively better and I began running again just making sure to take it easy and really listen to my body. The week ended with a long 11 mile run in the rain – just what I needed to stay sane.

I feel good going into Week4.

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