A blog about Trace and her races.

Training Summary 3/29 – 04/04

Scheduled: 35-39

Actual: 34.71

This past week of training was rather difficult for me – a great week now doubt, it just didn’t come easy.  It followed a very short running week (totaling 11 miles – immediately following LA Marathon) and plenty of rest.  It was time to increase my mileage while still not over-do it.  The plan was to run between 35-39 miles, a track workout and to finally wear my orthotics so I can build up my mileage in them and ultimately be able to wear them during a marathon.  I finished the week with 34.71 including the ever-dreaded track workout and even incorporated a 13.1 race into it. The orthotics are not yet my friends and have caused the pain from PF to return…

This was also the first week since December where I actually put together a weekly training schedule before the week began.  My previous scheduled workouts began 18 weeks before CIM, and were VERY consistent.  With this training base established after the race, and adding a marathon a month to my 2010 racing calendar, I felt very comfortable training for a marathon without of a lot of guidance from any specific training plan, since at the end of the day, they are all quite similar and don’t really cater to anyone running so many consecutive marathons.  I am glad I made that decision because I’d rather take a few weeks off running to recover from (possible) injuries than to run a 20-miler because my schedule said so.

And so another week of training begins with a marathon closing it out on Saturday.

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